An Answered Prayer to get over my breakup

by Claire (Lanarkshire)

My partner of 7 years just decided 5 months ago that he “couldn’t do this anymore” and just up and left with no previous discussion of how he was feeling .

I felt anger and a sense of relief at first but after 8 weeks I was deeply depressed and in despair with no hope for the future and ashamed. I knew I didn’t want him back but I couldn’t see a way forward. I prayed various prayers and asked for a sign ……and I got a sign by bumping into him meeting up with his new girlfriend!! This set me back again and I thought that even prayers can’t help me. Then I looked up St Jude and used the prayer here for 9 days , when I went to bed I said this novena to St Jude .

After the 9 days I began to notice that I had this inner peace. I no longer had continued sadness and despair . No sinking sore pain in my heart on wakening and my concentration so much more improved. Thank you St Jude ! Two weeks on I have to pinch myself – why am I feeling OK ? St Jude is the answer . I hope this helps others . I’m not saying that I’ll never be down again but I am certainly healed of my heartache . Thank you St Jude