amounting bank debts snd household bills awaiting for me to pay

Dear Lord, I am in dire straits now. With amounting bank debts snd household bills awaiting for me to pay. My current job doesn’t pay well after more than 6 years service with the company and I am getting my salary late for most of the months due to company financial difficulty. I was unable to pay my bank debts on time for 3 months after my husband was jobless and he has a legal case against him too. But now my husband has found a job and is currently in his first month of work, but I am already piling up my debts due to my husband unstability in his job for the past years and I have been providing for the family for all these years.

I pray that Lord will forgive me for not spending wisely in the past and I am currently facing hardship. Oh God, pls bring me out of the financial crisis that I am having now and bless me with your love and mercy and give me a chance to have a debt free life which I can be able to keep my bank debt record clean with the credit bureau.

Pls do not forsake me Lord, and give me a chance to provide a better future for my children and a life with no financial woes.

I thank you Lord and I praise you Lord as God you have always been gracious to me. In the name of Jesus Christ, I ask and pray, Amen.