Am I Too Late

by Stephanie Nelson (Mobile, AL)

I’m not defiant that I know of. I am afraid of being let down because my sins separate me from you. I have wondered for days what to pray and how to pray for what I know I need and for what my family needs. I have made us vulnerable but I don’t know what to say. I have made bad financial decisions that has depleted the money we had for bills. There wasn’t enough to pay them all; no. But you did bless me with enough to pay some of them and in my frustration and desire for worldly things I didn’t do what I was supposed to. Now I am here worried about my finances, and to the very extent you know where my worries lie. I pray Lord that you will forgive my stupid mistakes, my sins and protect me and my property as only you can with your hedge of protection. I am sorry I stepped away and I pray that you will restore me and protect me and I give you all the glory Lord Jesus. Thank you for having all this handled. I love you and pray o Lord that you will help me so that I can breathe again. In Christ’s name I pray amen

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