am but just one lonely old soul looking for your forgiveness and strength

by James (Indiana)

Dear Lord, please give me the strength and fortitude to forgive my thoughts of hate against my ex fianc. She abandoned me at my most vulnerable state, while in the hospital and all alone. I have struggled with this for a long time and I really want to let go all of this pain. I use to sit and dwell on this for weeks but I cant do that anymore. I want to forgive her for what she has done and I want to move on and let the healing to begin. Lord I know that Im not perfect but I am a good person and I always try to do the right thing. Please bring comfort not only to me, but to her as well. I want the hurt to end and I want a new lease on life. Thank you Lord for listening to me. I am but just one lonely old sole looking for your forgiveness and strength, one day at a time. In your name Lord,Amen

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