Alone, Depressed and Stressed

by Sade (Clearwater,Fl.,US)

I am alone in a city away from my family raising my 3 kids 9,3,1 and I’m pregnant . I’m also working fulltime and going to school. This is my fourth year of college. Its so hard for me taking care of these kids alone. I need help so bad. I need a husband. And my oldest son is acting out so bad and trying to run away and hes very disrespectful. My youngest son is following in his steps. I do everything for them . We live a pretty good life,I work very hard.But sometimes I just want to give up. My children drive me crazy along with work and school. Sometimes I want to just give up and die.Please pray for me to become strong in the word and that god please send me some help. Even if its not a husband. I just dont know if I can bare it anymore.Please pray for me before I have a mental breakdown. I need Some Help