Almost same champer, but diffrent verse

by Cynthia (Kenner ,La70062)

Lord FatherGod father of JesusChrist, i come to u hummabling., fear, and trembling, n a child like manner, my spirit tells m e that this is ellusion cz once u chestiez your children c

oncerning a matter u. Finished with that situation ,have mercy fosrgiveness ,,well ive been praying for your mercy guidenss grace and love well seems like im put back nthe sme situation, , but with a different individual behind. N paying his rent lights , asked if he needed any money fr his any bills reply nO please my father lord god jesus christ, fr give me fr any and every sin ive made r done ,have mercy and patient and forgiivenss on me. .thank f l g ,j c, u r a god that will pro im asking fr sme ffavor n the Name of l g jesus ,holy spirit amen asking ST. Michael to bind the Devil down fr me please lord make hast.amen