Almost homeless

by Peggie (Fresno, Texas)

I am the grandmother of five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

I am taking care of three granddaughters and one great-granddaughter. I am on a fixed income (Social Security). I substitute at times but due to my illness in the last two years, I have not been able to work full time. Plus, I am 70 years old. I am doing my very best. God bless me and my grandchildren with a car. I am very thankful to my Almighty God. Now, I need a home very soon. I prayer for good health and a great financial blessings to be able to raise these children properly. I never want to borrow from anyone again. Please my God give me another chance. I promise to use my blessed money properly…. tithe, pay all my bills, the IRS, and get a family homes that will never be taken away from us by debtors. I promise to always live by the quotes in Psalm 119. Thanks my God for your perfect will. Amen.

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