Almighty Lord, thanks for the gift of life, family, health, providence and friends


Almighty Lord, thanks for the gift of life, family, health, providence and friends. Almighty bless 2017 so that it can be a year of total transformation so that my family and I can soar like eagles. Lord, the company you blessed me with is undergoing a very serious financial crisis. Almighty Lord, provide a way out. Bless us so that we find a way through this crisis. Almighty Lord, we have not yet received our salaries, bless us to receive our salaries. Almighty Lord, the salary will help me pay my rent, accrued bills, debts and pay fees for my daughter whos been out of school because of fees. Provide for my family; let my family never lack food and shelter. Break all chains in the Mighty name of Jesus, Bless my family with good health, happiness, a financial breakthrough, opportunities, success, love, happiness, luck and blessings. Let them fear you and worship you and know that you are God. Thanks for 2016 and overcoming all the challenges. Bless my 2017. Improve my daughters appetite; let my son and daughter grow healthy. Bless my family with happiness and peace of mind. Heal me from high levels of uric acid and the body aches. Heal me in the mighty name of the Lord. Protect me from sin and any agents of the devil. Ooh Lord, keep my family safe in Kenya. Almighty Lord, keep me safe and protect me here in Somalia. Bless my parents and brothers, heal the sick. Let the world know that you are God! Amen.

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