by SMR (Arkansas)

ALMIGHTY Father, our blessed creator and Saviour, our family and friends, come to you with a heavy and saddened heart this day. We learned today the prognosis for one of your children is not a very good one…. We were advised he has approximately three (3) months longer to be with us on this earth. Dear Lord, we pray it be your will to allow him to be cured of this dreadful disease because he is still a young man with many reasons to stay awhile longer. He has a young daughter who still needs her Dad, and two sons with children who have not had the chance to be with their grandfather for any significant amount of time and a daughter with two children who also needs her dad and the children need their grandfather. Please, oh Lord, We pray it be your will to use your power of healing, that only you can do. You created us all with your infinite love and affection, and we believe, Dear Lord, should it be your will to extend his life so these children and grandchildren can see your your ALMIGHTY power give him a while longer, will have a profound effect on their own lives. Both of his parents, and sister, who has been his primary caregiver, would be devastated should they lose him. If it should be your will to cure him of this disease, his children, grandchildren, and other extended family members, as well as, friends, will then see how powerful you are, and hopefully will become the person you had intended for each of them to be when you created them and come to you with thankfulness, humility and gratitude for the mercy, if it is your will, you have given their loved one. Dear Jesus, our Creator and Saviour, this prayer comes to you, and You only, in your precious and merciful name, Amen.

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