Allow me to concieve and have a healthy pregnancy

by Amanda (Sydenham London)

Dear Lord ,

Please bless my womb and allow me and my partner to concieve soon. Lord the desire to be a mother to a living child on this earth is great. Please allow me to bear a healthy child who will be brought up in your name.

Lord losing my angel baby who was stillborn has broke me and I miss her every day.

My heart aches for my daughter Amellia but Lord you have given me strength and courage to accept that she is at peace and that i will see her again.

I am ready Lord to become a mother again and as much as I miss my angel Amellia; I know she is in heaven surrounded by your love Lord . I am ready Lord to become a mother again. Please bless me with a healthy child who will know all about Amellia and who will grow uo in your name Lord.

Lord becoming a mother again is my wish and desire, as you know is true in my heart just like the tears that run down my check Lord for my angel baby and the tears to become a mother again to child I can see and help grow.

Bless me and my partner Lord. I know we will be wonderful parents and will love your name.