all your prayer and kind support for job wanted

by Thomas (Duabi)

My name is Thomas and I am in a hard situation that very much in need of a job to put back my life in order. Currently I am on visit visa in Dubai, and this is my 6th visit to UAE for searching a job and still I didn’t get a job. My current Visit Visa expires on end of December this year. Before that I have to get a job.

I keep knocking on all the doors and applied so many vacancies but no success. Its seems all of work, experience and qualifications are of nil value. I’m losing my mind.

Now want all your prayer and kind support to make it happen. My time is running out and I actually am tired, please help me in this days. If this miracle happens I will be most happiest person and would proud that God answered my prayer. Please.. Please pray for me.

Thanks and Regards,