All my Hope is in you Oh Lord, God Almighty. Please come to my aid and cure my stomach cancer.

by Edith (Bowie, Md)

Please Christ The King, St Peregrine, intercede on my behalf to the Almighty God to Please forgive my sins and have pity and mercy on me. Please God fill me with your Holy Spirit Please God guard and protect me during my surgery on Monday , November 27th. Please God drive away from me all evil spirits and the devil and please surround me with all your Holy Angels, Saints and your Holy Ghost Fire. Please God bless and wash me with your Precious Blood. Please God bless the surgeon, anesthesiologist and all the medical staff and please give them the wisdom, love, strength and your Glory of Lights during the surgery. Please God Bless All the hands, instruments and medications that touch my body and make it Holy, safe and perfect in your Mighty name. Please God drive away from them all evil. In You Lord only do I trust to Heal and Protect me. For I will forever give you my thanks and praises. I will forever serve You, Lord. Please God cure my stomach cancer permanently and please let me live to do your will and commands. Please grant me a heart that is love, steadfast and generous. I hand over to you Lord my own concern of anxious fears. Please God keep me far away from evil perils to my soul. Please God allow your Blessed St Michael The Archangel to defend me from my enemy whilst The Blessed Mother Mary bruise satans Head with her heels. Please Lord give me a heart that can transmit an ardent loving Faith and please Sanctify my waiting, for in you I depend and trust. In you I wait. Thank you Lord for hearing and granting my pleas in advance. Please Lord God Almighty, Lord Jesus Christ in you alone I trust, hope and depend. All my hope is in you Lord. I love you Lord. I adore you Lord. I exalt you Lord. I praise you Lord. I will testify to the world and declare your mighty and wonderous works to All. Please God do not disregard the pleas of your servant. Edith, for I am knocking Lord, please open me. I am asking please Lord answer me, I am seeking Lord please let me see Your face with glory. Please do not allow my enemies to laugh at me and say aha aha where is her God. Please God Almighty have pity on me for I am trusting your WORD, PROMISE, LOVE, GRACE AND MERCY. Thy will be done Amen

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers and providing my needs. Thank you Lord for curing me of the cancer and giving me a safe and successful surgery in advance. Thank you Lord for caring and blessing all your people in this World and providing and supplying our needs Thank You Lord for making me,your servant a conqueror over my enemies. Glory be Thine. Thank you to all my Angels and Saints for your protection and interceding to the Almighty God on my behalf. Thank you to all my prayer warriors Thank You my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and Amen

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