All I ask…

by Anon. (N.J.)

Lord, All I ask of you is that you give me strength to deal with all the things in my life that you have laid before me, Lord for many years I worked to keep my life in order and worked on the premise that you would guide me, and that as long as I strived to do the right thing and keep ahead of situations, I would have inner peace and no regrets.

I stayed true to that belief and you saw me through many times, i accepted things that happen in anyones life, Sickness and loss, and the like, and knew that as long as you were with me, I’d be ok, above all the greatest gift you gave me personally was my intellect and reason, no matter how dark the road became, i could always see beyond what was in front of me to a better day, and that was enough to get my by.
My Own life for the most part is intact, and although I never achieved greatness, I have with your guidance always been ok with what i achieve of failed at. knowing that in both cases I came away wiser.
Lord, the burden which I ask you to lighten now is greater than I have ever faced, for it is not for myself but for family, I undertook three burdens for family members because i thought i could help. each is elderly, and it seems no matter how I try Lord, each day the burden becomes heavier, i can not walk away lord, because out of sincere kindness and loyalty to family I committed myself in ways that if I walk away now, i may never recover, Emotionally, Physically or Financially, the latter is least important but still there. I am not asking you to take these loved ones from me, that of course is your domain, I am just asking for you to put your hands upon each of them and give them understanding that All I want for them is the best, and let them see that they are not being fair to me, when i am their only caregiver. Someday this too all will pass, and all i ask is that if I am the one to survive it I can look back and know i did All I did out of love, not questioning anything and to find a lasting peace of mind with no regrets.
I ask you lord to reach into each of their hearts and heads and let them see my struggles and appreciate me and understand that I am doing all I can.

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