all hope lost except for God

Everything in my life is falling apart – I am in debt more than I can pay because of my business and bad decissions that were made. This has taken a severe toll on my marriage and my family. My wife and I fight constantly and she says the marriage is not her priority because we have so much debt. She has bipolar disorder as well and there is no reasoning with her. My home is also in danger as the bank has held it as security for the business debts that we are now unable to pay. Only the intervention of God can help in opening new doors for us to be able to pay our debts and to find our love for each other again. Please pray for my urgent needs.

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  1. With God, lost hopes revive.

    Though Jesus arrived ‘too late’, according to the sister of Lazarus, our Christ still raised Lazarus from death, after 3 days in the grave. Amen! Remember, brother, our God can not tempt you beyond what you can bear. Let go of everything, and give it all up for God.

  2. Have faith and God will answer your prayer.

    Lord I pray that you will answer his prayer, Lord please send your angels of prosperity and abundance to help them overcome their financial needs as well as to restore their relationship oh GOD, they may have peace of mind and lighten up their loads oh lord and you may provide them in all their need.Amen.


    I am also in the same situation but I know god is able to bail us out. Let’s just trust Him.

  4. 2 years later

    I would Love to hear how you are doing now!! I’m doing the same, and trying so hard to keep my trust in God!!

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