all hope is lost

It’s been almost a year…. So far prayer hasn’t been working, but I am still reaching out. In hope that God will restore everything the devil has stolen from me, :My Family, Our Love, Our Faith, Hope,I am begging for our relationships to be Renewed, Rebuilt, Restored, Show us your Power, Strength, Love, Mercy, & Grace upon all of our entire lives. This situation involves 9 kids, and two adults. Separated ( Torn Apart) by the evil works of the devil, everything lost, love, relationships, jobs, etc. Father intercede now, do not let another day go by,Do NOT let the devil Win. I have been waiting for almost a year for you to do something, Why wont you intercede and restore 100% what the devil has stolen, Your are stronger , You are love! I ask you to Restore, Renew, Rebuild, Show me you hear my prayers, That my pleas are Not in Vain. In Jesus mighty name come into our Lives & Hearts,Open our eyes and the doors we need open, Guild us, Love us, Have Mercy upon us, Never leave us! I know if you are leading the way and you live in our hearts and home then you will be our shield when the devil comes to destroy again. Intercede Now Father show me please, Show the world your glory, Only You can Restore Our Family and Love, Only You , I know u can, Why haven’t you interceded yet, Why are u allowing this ? Stop all attacks on us Today Father please, Do something …. I am starting to give up! Help us ,Thank you father for all that you are and do and provide for us,I give you all the glory of every good thing n our lives, You are My Mighty , Loving, Merciful ,Healing ,Restoring God! Thank you for everything! I love u! I have faith in You! I need You ,I want You Forever! Please Forgive us for our Sins, Help us to be better people, Show Yourself Father! Please in Jesus Mighty Name….. Amen


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  1. God is with you Satan is a liar

    Please do not give up on God He is with you in all your trials He loves you with an everlasting love. Not the fleeting love that is offered in this world. I know it is tough when we do not see the answer to our prayers. I have been apart from my husband for over 3 years. I do not see things getting better between us in fact he is now living with the other woman. However, God has seen me through many low times. I am closer to Him than I was at the beginning. I have been able to accomplish things I never dreamed of being able to do on my own. It is not all roses and I do grieve and miss what is lost. I do still stand for my marriage. Satan’s next evil plan besides destroying your precious relationships, is to place a wedge between you and the only source of your help God the Father. Do not give up that ground and let him win. Jesus Christ as opened up the way to have direct fellowship with our Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Stay strong in God, read your Bible specifically asking God to show you His love for you and promises for you. Get help from people who honour God and will stand with you in support to help you stay true to the Lord. Choose to stand in the gap for your estranged loved ones praying that they will turn from wickedness and sin to the Father God who loves them so much. This is kind of my role now with my marriage. I will not ever give up on that covenant promise I made before God and I intercede for my prodigal spouse who has left his Lord Jesus tempted and lured into sin. There are always lessons to be learned even in the waiting suffering times. Many situations occur in the Bible where true Saints of God had to wait a long time to get the answer. Examples are Joseph in Egypt who on the surface went from a bad to a worse situation. However in all that time, he did his best to serve God and use his gifts to honour the Lord. Abraham waited 25 years had a few glitches in the waiting for a son but eventually saw the fulfillment of God’s promise. Even the Children of Israel had to wait 70 years in captivity in Babylon before being free to return to their own land. Read about Daniel, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. I am praying and rooting for you God is working, Confess your doubt he understands and will give you what you need to stay strong. I subscribe to a newsletter from Rejoice Marriage Ministries that is very helpful called Charlene Cares. You may want to check it out.

    I say AMEN to your request for God to restore what has been lost with something stronger and better than before. God bless you and speak loudly to your heart His words of comfort today. Jan

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