All around Prayer

by S.M (Georgia)


I come before you this morning with a heavy heart. I am not sure exactly what is going on in my relationship, but Lord its in turmoil. I’m asking you to restore this relationship to what it once was. Lord help us to continue to move forward in your name. Lord, I’m asking for patience and understanding and I’m asking that you give my husband the same. Lord, I’m asking that you help each of us to abstain from temptations that just seem to be lurking all around us. I’m praying that you allow us to love each other the same way that you love us. Lord, I am asking that you allow me to forgive him and he does the same so that we may continue to prosper and get back to the loving part.

I am asking for a financial blessing, we stand in the need of a dire blessing. Our path has gotten so dark, and I am asking you to just be a lamp, lead us and guide us. In your son Jesus’ name, I do pray…. Amern

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