Agape love

by Shelby ()

Dear Heavenly Father, help me understand what to do help my friend’s 6 year year old daughter to heal once & for all all her lung’s inner ear, stomach and all issues pertaining to her pulmonary functions. Her name is Jasmine Mook Bullard of Maxton NC. Help Jackie Bullard’s mother to heal from her failing memory with Alzheimer’s. Help me father, to be more patient with others who struggle with anxiety and mine too. Especially those closest to me with anxiety or depression to learn how i can help them too when I need to lead by example. Humbling before you my true wanting to help others and to lead by example to rescue all animals and their babies especially, when guided by your ways not mine.
Let me commit to you to be rebuilt physically, mentally stronger as a warrior of Jesus in these end of times as he sees fit for me to serve him all the rest of my days left on this worldly earth. I pray I can humbly, joyfully remain in the Holy Spirit to serve God’s ways always. I want to walk or run boldly with the Armor of Ephesians, in the name of Jesus to strike down the evil enemy with the face of a Lion whenever possible the Lord needs me. I pray you help me understand my polar opposite narscisstic sister & help me stop her for continual obsession to hurt me & others to keep all that was left to me by mother to restore her home in Trace. My wish to make it a home base to make a small sanctuary for birds, animals, & clean, safe place to invite other persons & their children to fellowship to study the Bible,,paint, color, fellowship be happy, joyous in the garden, fishing off the dock when able. Want to protect the children and other warriors who can stop by and fellowship & share a meal or sleep over. Help me to stay on the right tract to protect the money to continue to grow it for your specific reasons and be able to install the generator, HVC systems, to rebuild the home as it seems to be happening. Praying over the new CNA’s you chose for me to always be around me, for the time being ! Certain CNA’s are some of the best people I have ever had the privilege of getting to know ever. Especially, that they are women. Truly grateful for their undying love of God through Jesus. I’ve always wanted a sisters and children. God knows everything about my past, present & future. I’m truly blessed by God and others who truly care about me ! Thank you Jesus ! Hoping all people who were just in it for the money, turn to Jesus bow down, repent all sins, rebuke Satin ask for forgiveness and move forward to serve the one true God the father of Jesus Christ our true Savior. Help me always to make the right decision’s. I truly need someone I can count on to help me and stay at Moms as well to help me learn all the new technology as needed always. God knows my wishes. I pray over the situation regarding my sister to get well, bow down, repent her ways so she can become a true sister I never had.
My heart is breaking and want to help her only daughter. She needs so much help always. Help stop my abusive sister from always attacking,physically, mentally abusive foul narcissist swearing mouth ways. Stop her and pray someone else sees her behavior before she truly does something else foolish. Please keep me steady on my knees, standing keep moving forward to help stop this situation for good in front of the judge when the time comes. I am the beneficiary of the trust. Help me father, with discernment of knowing what to do. I pray over all situations this am.

I pray over a new Christian medical doctor to be placed in my path in a timely fashion. Let me never be a burden to others. I pray over my mouth, teeth, eyes, legs to heal quickly to be an asset to God . Praying over my ability to speak clearly, succinctly, lovingly to correctly ask pertinent questions, softly or boldly without hesitation, when needed to serve the Father and help situations quickly or slowly when needed. Faith over fear in all situations. These are my prayers. Thank you Jesus.

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