by Sarah ()

Myself being with taken men.
I have so much enemies.
I wanna kill myself, but I have a son
Please gather around and hold hands, make an unbroken circle for me, I really need a blessing and a miracle. I ruin relationships one after another after my boyfriend went to jail. I’m lonely and suffering depression, stress, anxiety PTSD, trauma from a very abusive toxic relationship. My babys dads family are very mad at me for whoring around. Please gather as much people as possible, and pray for me. I am desperate for prayers. I am crying daily. And I am fighting physically with others. I need help. N I need to move and find a place. God help me go back to school or training n start a new life. I want to go to Christian college. I have been doing nothing but wrong and bad. I messed up travis and Tatianas relationship and Kenneth and Esther’s Vaskas relationship and I am really messed up. I need to change asap. My enemies want me to get out of town and out of this house. I need to find a place, n be ready to take off. N never come back. I also NEED TO PRAY THAT MY COUSINS WILL FIX MY SNOWMACHINE AMD THAT IT WILL START AND WORK SO I CAN USE IT N DRIVE IT HOME. I NEED TO GET IT FIXED ASAP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I AM SO SO SO DESPERATELY ASKING FOR HELP

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