Admission into School of Physical Therapy at UIW year 2013

by Mora (Texas)

My Lord,and Jesus son of God,

first of all thank you for helping me this past Saturday during my interview. I had never been so nervous, that it even caused me physical pain, before in my life; however, I thank you very much because during the interview I felt you calm me down. Please do not let the essay incident be an issue. God I have been praying so much to get this acceptance. I have worked hard to earn it. I have been faithful and hopeful. At times I felt misguided and doubted if it was really what I should invest my time into, but every time I felt misguided I turned to you. Here I am now, only a step away from my dream. You have lead me here to this point. I ask you to please not leave me half way. Please help me finish strong and successful. I have faithfully prayed to St. Jude, St. Augustine, Virgin Mary and Virgin de San Juan de los Lagos. I have made sincere promises to them if I get in. I have asked them to pray to you for me. In the end, it is your will. God know that I have a strong feeling that I will get accepted. I have so much faith that I will that I can already see myself there. I had not been able to look ahead into my future like I used to do since I graduated. Today I can look past my present. This feeling makes me excited and grateful, but it also makes me fear. I ask you dear Jesus to help me not to fear. Please help me trust this feeling without disappointment. Please help me be humble through good and bad. God if I get this wish, I will become an extremely faithful individual, which would mean so much joy to me. I would share my testimony with many people and I would say that I got in because of you, because I prayed, you listened, and you blessed me. I want this as much as I want Sebastian to walk. Waiting for this has taught me patience, faith, perseverance, and trust.
Thank you Jesus for all the blessing you have given me already. My will is your will.
I Love you with all of my heart God, in the name of Jesus Christ,

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