Addiction in Disguise

by Dana ()

I may not live on the streets. I may not get drugs illegally from a drug dealer or even disobey the law in any way, but I am still no better than such. I have been prescribed drugs for over 20 years that others go to jail for giving or taking illegally. This fine line of lawful use does not make me feel any less like an addict. I want to be free of these drugs because the enemy holds them over my head and I want to be free of the guilt, just as the street addict does. I have psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and progressive idiopathic polyneuropathy. None of this to me justifies some of the medicines I take, because countless others do not take the meds I do and live with these painful conditions. I ask for God to set me free. I long to serve Him in Spirit and in Truth, even if I live with pain. I cannot do that while keeping this secret even from my family for fear of guilt or judgement. I ask for God’s peace and wisdom here. I continue to pursue Him daily, but this is a huge stumbling block for me. Thank you for your generous prayers.

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