Accepting myself but having self-hate

by Emma ()

I know think I need some help with something. I always make mistakes on a daily basis. I am not cursed but though I care about my folks dearly. The trouble is I hate myself, I do bathe and all that stuff. But negative thoughts are in my head. Plus I feel kinda unhappy inside my soul and mind. I couldn’t think of any good memories because it’s been awhile, but if someone complimented me in a positive manner, that always makes me feel happy. But I just don’t feel the glow like I used too. I admit I am jealous that my boyfriend has a job, very smart and he is in a different college. I have no job yet, need more experience, can’t drive and sometimes I am a pain and a nobody. What’s the point for me to be happy, nothing. I need support and love from you God and your folks and give me signs your with me, please. I know you may hate me, because I am an atheist but some folks I know believe in you. So please forgive my sins. Satan hates me so if that makes you understand, he said I belong in heaven. Is that where you think I belong? I am not a pure holy person but I try to do good things and I want to help certain people one day. I need a better vision and future not for wealth but finding the light inside me. I am afraid of letting my family down mostly my mother.

Lord, please forgive my sins, and please understand that atheists sometimes need help from God at some point for certain needs.

Amen, thank you for being a spirit that understands others despite our beliefs

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