Accepting Jesus Christ as my saviour.

by Quentin (South Africa)

please my Lord God, I understand that the only way for salvation is through your son Jesus Christ, I am sinking deeper into my addiction and need to break free only through your name, I am in deeply need of you and I repent my sins, and want to live my life for you, I am in these terrible chains which is going to lead to my death or more prison time, I am out of control and want you to take my life into your hands, forgive me for sinning against you and hurting you so much, I crave your redemption and

believe only through you I can have my eternal freedom, help me please, bless me with the Holy Spirit so that I can overcome my withdrawals and me focus on you, I come to you on my knees cause I don’t what else to do,I want my new life with you…

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