Accepting God’s forgiveness!

by Rich Ord ()

Dear Heavenly Father. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, I pray that you help my wife Melody forgives herself. She believes in you and really connects to you with her choice of music! She struggles with believing in your forgiveness! She tells herself and me that she is trying to do more good than evil! Mel is unable to accept your forgiveness. I am a follower of Jesus and have tried to convince her that she just needs to confess and repent! She is having a very hard time doing that! She believes there is a scale and if she does more good than she has done harm. I did not know her back in that time! She doesn’t tell me about it but judges herself every day by her past!
Forever trying to do more good than the evil! My father was a preacher. God Blessed all of us when our dad with severe Alzheimer’s reached a point when he could not communicate with words! Did not know who we are, for years. Recently my younger brother Randy became a preacher. Easter before last he was giving the Easter morning service at our small church. After the service he invited musicians, singers, & their families to come to my brother’s home after church for a Gospel Sing. It had been over a years since dad recognized any of us and had lost his ability to speak. We helped dad into his chair and we made a big circle of Christian musicians and choir members. We started singing the old time Christian songs. Dad’s eyes were closed and appeared to be sleeping! Then we noticed his foot tapping in time with the music. His eyes opened and he started humming along with us. Slowly, gradually, he started singing along. His voice became stronger and louder. A huge smile was on his face. We praised God and his voice became very clear and regained his voice of his preaching years. We praised God and remembered every word. His eyes light up and sang in strong voice for the next hour & a half. Singing lead and/or harmony! Between songs he talked to us recognizing all of us by name with a huge smile. It was as if time had been reversed to they young father that we all knew and loved! We called it our Easter Miracle! Less than a week later Dad went to be with Jesus! Melody watched this miracle unfold in front of her eyes! Acknowledging it was an Easter Miracle! It was wonderful only she continues to believe that she can only go to heaven by doing more good than she did bad in her life, even after witnessing this miracle! She is unable to forgive her self! I am asking for prayers to help her accept all she needs to do is confess & repent!

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