About a year ago I was unfaithfull for almost a year to Dan

by Valorie L (Windham, Maine, Usa)

About a year ago I was unfaithfull for almost a year to dan. I was with another guy secretly. When things were bad with dan and I. And I lied about it even when we had broken up for a bit i didnt tell him the truth. I should have and almost a year ago we got back together I told him everything. But now almost a year later he wants to give up. He cant forgive and forget. And i realize how much i hurt him. Butbit hurts so much to lose him because i know now with everything that I have that I am in love with dan, he is the one for me. So I pray that you help us reconcile our relationship. And that he is able to forgive and forget and to still love me and want to be with me. and I pray that you give me strength to never lead down a path of unfaithfullness again, or lieing. That isnt who I am or want to be. I have been in many relationships before him and they all did things like that to me. I cannot believe I did this to someone I love, instead of just confronting my feelings with him about things that bothered me. I cant believe i decided to find comfort some where else. I need help, my relationship with god needs help, my relationship with dan needs help, and dan needs help with the whole thing. Please