A very blessed believer needing guidance in a new career

by Demi (Kentucky)

Dear God

Thank you for all my blessings. Thank you for sending me peace at those dark times. I need your guidance to support me through another hard time. Please God help me to find a new career. I need your strength to carry me through as you have done before. I need things to get better for me and for my misfortune to turn around. I know you understand. Thank you God for all my dogs especially Ollie. She has been my furry angel for a long time. She has been there through it all and she just is sweeter from every tear I cry on her fur. I need help and I am not good at asking for it, but I know you see what has happened. Please God send me a sign provide me guidence and give me peace again.

Thank you for my friends, my home, my job, my health and our safety. Please bless the wind the water and the woods and all the creatures and animals that live there. Please bless us all and forgive us for forgetting what is important in life. Please be with the sick and the homeless and the scared and the lonely. Thank you God for hearing my prayer and I love you with all my heart.