A very Better year

by Terry Smith ()


Please make the wishes I left at the Glen be granted by each fairy glen in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

The rest of the summer will be making the covid-19 pandemic disappear, so we’ll will all never be in another lockdown ever again. After that, life will be back to normal again and there’ll be no more social distancing or coronavirus or lockdowns forever. Please make Boris Johnson say no more covid-19 pandemics from now on. We can all go back to work and school, all the shops, pubs, cafes, leisure centres, gyms, and everywhere is reopen now. The government is going to be really pleased to hear I have saved the world from danger and made it safe – the Mayor will be too. I hope I can be congratulated and awarded with a medal and a million pounds that can go on my bank.

Near the end of August, the covid-19 will be improved now and September and the rest of this year and next year will be free from lockdowns. Then it won’t have to take 2 years to get the results of the evidence together.

Thank you, father god, for everything.

P.S. They’ll be no covid-20 and they’re never will be. Christmas will not be cancelled! Please make the wet markets in Wuhan China be closed down forever! I don’t care if the Wuhan markets can do what they like, hope or no hope, I want everywhere to be reopen and the virus being improved now.

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