A valuable employee

by Adriana (Trenton,NJ, United States)

Dear God,

Today I pray for a very close friend. He always keeps to himself and does his job very perfectly. He makes sure he takes initiative in whatever he does. This friend is very special to us. Every day he takes pride in what he does. He tries to live his life according to what God has planned for his life. He starts his day reading the bible and praising his name all day long. I pray that he never loses his job because he blesses his family with whatever chance he has. He is a giving person ready to make someone happy with every chance he has. I think he is a real role model and if anyone was close to him he would give him the shirt off his back just to show the Lord’s love where ever he goes. There is never a day that goes by that he is not thinking ahead in doing something that would give value to God. Please Lord keep him worry free. Let him know that you love him and owning this job is a gift from you ready to give glory to whatever he does for you God. Just the other day he lend a certain valuable gift he had to the neighbor without a expectancy of a thank you, and even though the neighbor broke it, he replaced it without a fight.” Anything to help out he said, and I know it was an accident, but be careful next time, OK?” What a selfless man, I would hire him myself just to show people that there should be more people like him. Praise God for friends like this! Please secure and protect his job and give him secure emotions so people will see that God is in control of his life. What a witness that would be. God bless him! Thank you Lord for healthy people as examples in life. Amen!