A Thank you Prayer , The Lord works in mysterious ways

by Lisa (Spinerstown)

I would like to thank all those who prayed for me when I requested help financially to leave what was becoming an abusive relationship. Instead of money,the Lord sent us to therapy.

We weren’t abusive towards each other ever until we fell onto financial hard times and the stress from the difficulties of trying to struggle to meet daily needs became so burdensome we began to abuse one another in ways we never imagined we would, we strayed from our values and our morals, and from the teachings of the church. I asked and prayed for financial help to leave and instead was sent a message.I was talking to friend and i confided and she gave us a number to a wonderful therapist.
We have been going as a couple and are on the road to healing our spirits,minds, and bodies. We have learned to forgive and to stick together instead of trying to force things to happen. It happens in God’s time. Not a second sooner or later.
I learned we love each other dearly and when hard times happen you have to believe and stay strong and know that the Lord will provide, He always has.
What I am trying to say is God knows what is best for us. I am glad he answered my prayers how He knew what was best for us,not what i thought. Your prayers with mine were answered and i am so thankful our marriage has been saved. We truly didn’t have the skills to deal with the burdens and God saved us.

Thank you all.