A story of Laughter and Cancer

by Rhiannon (Mill Valley)

I woke up this morning cranky and second guessing myself. I couldn’t drink coffee because I needed to get a blood test that required fasting and without the caffeine my patience was thin. I got into a fight with my thirteen year old daughter before I got everyone to school. When I finally arrived at the lab, in the darkest of moods, I was sitting in the waiting room when in walked a mother and her 6 year old girl.

They were cuddling,joking and their laughter was infectious. They were playing with a lab box and the instructions. They called the receptionist by name.The girl had big blue eyes and blond hair, where it wasn’t falling out, and was pale as a sheet. Cancer. But they were happy. I’ve never been so simultaneously inspired and heart broken. I didn’t catch her name, but I’ve been praying for her all day. Please pray for this mother and daughter and everyone else who hears their laughter and is reminded about what really matters in life.