A special Prayer: restoration of husband

by Emon (U.S.A)

Dear God,

God I come before you asking that you take care of my husband , asking that you help him regain his health and restore his soul. Please bring him through this hard time in his life . I come before you pleading that you pull him through this , he is dear to my heart as well as many others we ask that you bring him through and give him one more chance .

I ask tonight that you work another miracle for him lord ,I ask that you help us go through this ,I just ask that today ,and however long this takes you help us revive our Lover ,Friend , Husband ,Father, Brother ,and cousin back . Please lord we need you …
In the name of Jesus we pray , I thank you for listening to my prayer . I love you with all my heart lord..
In the name of Jesus I pray

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