A special prayer for my grandfather

by D. (Aus)

My beautiful Grandfather was diagnosed with brain cancer 3 months ago and his life has changed dramatically after this sudden turn of events.

My grandfather is one of those larger than life characters, who will do anything that was asked of him, wake up every morning for work with not a sigh in his breath despite his 74 years, is an active member of his parish and most importantly, he is an active role model for me.

His grandson. After finding the two lesions in his brain, the neurologist decided to firstly remove one lesion that was located on the top of the brain. As for the other lesion, it was unfortunately lodged deep within his memory gland in his brain. To remove this cancerous cell, he has been taking regular courses of chemotherapy and radiation sessions for these the ongoing month.

For him, the thing that really hurt him after these turn of events was the fact that he was unable to drive for three months (because he works as a truck driver and just lives to work). Skip ahead three months to now. All seemed quite well. The multiple and regular tests he took returned positive, grandpa had been literally counting down the days until he could drive again and things were all looking to the better. Until today… My grandmother had called my mother in concern for my grandfathers health, who had suddenly and unusually changed his personality. He began to mumble to himself meaningless words which he had not previously done in the past, to which he was unable to even communicate back to anyone. Both my mother and I rushed over to investigate and aid him with this unusual change.

He began to continue with this odd behaviour and my grandmother, God bless her soul, wished only for my grandfather to continue to rest. She thought that if we were to take him to the hospital, she wouldn’t be able to bear with the fact that he would feel even more depressed that he had currently been.

Putting off this Idea, both my mother and I returned home, with our heads strongly focused on only grandpa and his health. Reciting our findings with my father, he suggested that we call an after hours gp to asses grandpa. All agreeing to this, mum visited both my grandmother and grandfather again with the gp to asses the problem. After viewing the symptoms of my grandfathers health, he immediately suggested to call ambulance and take grandpa to the hospital. All the gp needed now was an ok from grandpa. Unable to even communicate, he struggled to eventually mutter an “ok”. With this, grandpa, my grandmother, my mother and aunt followed the ambulance to the hospital.

After being admitted into the emergency room, grandpa was asked a series of multiple basic questions to truly test his state. The nurse asked for grandpa to touch his nose, put his hand in the air ect. Grandpa, just staring at the nurse blatantly, was unresponsive to the tasks. My mother asked him what her name was, in which he replied with a “no” shake from his head. The neurologist then entered the room and then pro formed multiple tests on grandpa, such as a CT scan, MRI ect. The results of the scans found much swelling in the brain and numerous more lesions in the brain.

So he I am now? Thank you for taking the time to read my story. For all those who read, I ask that you please pray for my grandfather for a recovery from this traumatic experience. He is a man of religion and instills the word of God to all who he talks to. I also wish to ask for both my grandmother, mother and Aunt for strength during this time.

I love my grandfather with all my heart and has been there for me ever since I can remember. Thank you again for reading this and may God bless.

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