A special blessing

by Doris Pearce (Watauga,Texas,76148)

Most gracious heavenly father,how great is thy glory and amazing love.How wonderful and joyous to be your child and have privilege through your son Jesus our redeemer.lord, your word is most holy and the everlasting truth and in knowing this I have confident faith that my petition of prayer will be answered without delay according to thy will and timing.Father, it is your great desire to give good gifts to your children and provide for all our needs.It is our joy to give honor and obedience to thy laws and commandments and in doing so have no fear to tell you the desires of our hearts.It is written in your word that we are only to ask in order to receive and therefor I ask to be an ambassador of your love,forgiveness,mercy,peace,and joy to all I encounter,You know what we might lack and are in need of so we should not worry yet we are human and thus at times fail to fully rely on you and your abundant provisions.Help us in our daily struggles with ourselves,families,friends, and strangers and above all else our walk with you.As I close this prayer father my heart is humble and grateful before you,my spirit open and willing, and my mouth full of praise.In Jesus name,amen and amen.

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