A soldier’s prayer

by David (UK)


As I lie here under a foreign sky, do not foresake me for the acts which I undertake.
Do not foresake me for the thoughts I may have of my enemy.
For though the day is dawning I am sure they will have the same thoughts of me.
Keep me close to those in my command
Keep me in the mind of those who command me
Keep me from my enemys thoughts
Please lord give me courage to lead from the front
Please lord give me discipline to follow my orders
Please lord give me the wisdom to protect my men
Please lord give me the strength to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
And let me show them that through compassion we can win.
Through a kind gesture we can make a difference,
Through a smile we can change a perspective,
Please lord for just one day let me not resort to a violent solution to a violent problem, god give me strength to hold my nerve and show those around me that violence begets violence.
Please lord for just one day let me know that our sacrifice of innocence and loss of young men was not for nought.
Let me know that though we may stand on the edge of hell you will not let us fall.
Please lord give me strength.

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