A Sister’s Love

by Niah (East Orange, New Jersey)

Dear Lord I come to you on my knees asking for help. Thank you so much as I am able to wake up everyday to see my family. My sister has suddenly become ill. The heart surgery will not secure her place on this world that you made. The doctors are running out of options. Please lord I beg you to help heal my sister to remove any blood clots that may form in her body causing strokes. My sister is quite young for this condition but I know she is strong and she IS a child of god. And with the power and willingness of Jesus Christ I ask you to help her with a healing hand. She has done so much for others in her life time. Always lending a helping hand. She has a beautiful heart and three children. Help her get through this rough patch lord. In the name of the father, the sun and the Holy Spirit. Amen!