a settled heart

by Destiny Springfield (Rosedale Ny United States)

Father god we come to you today

As a child,our hearts so heavy father god I ask you to open up ours/ my womb and place nothing but love, happiness kindiness strength and life there!!!father I have been letting my emotions and thought take over my womb but now I come to you asking you for , forgiveness for anything I may have done that was not of you father god. I do believe you gave your only son to die on the cross and I thank you for that.. Father you are the only person I can come to that know exactly how I feel with you being our father you know how it feels to be a parent and want nothing but the best for your childern. I come to you to day and ask you for the gift of life to be able to conceive from a little girl all I could dream about is becoming a mom father I ask you please bless me as well as others with the gift be able to conceive and feed our child with word oh father I know from this point on because your god that its already done in jesus !!!!!!! Amen!!!!

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