A seemingly hopeless case, of cancer.

Dear Lord,

Although my boyfrind’s cancer has been deemed no longer treatable, I know that through you, all things are possible. I ask for a miracle, in that I ask for a cure for this very aggressive, in curable disease. If a cure is not in your plans for us, then I ask that we have a little more time together to talk, and so that I can tell him more times how much I truly love him. I also humbly request that we may continue to have the strength to be strong for him, and that he needs not suffer from pain or psychological distress.
I know that you have plans for all of your children, and I know that a better place lies ahead for him, but I still desire a reprieve for a time, before he gets called to your heavenly kingdom. Thank you, heavenly father, for filling me each day anew with hope and faith, and helping us to stay strong for him in the most trying of circumstances.
For Christopher, and everyone with cancer, I pray, today and every day.