A second chance

by Prayers Admin ()

Dear God,
Since the first day you brought the man I always have prayed about, I knew he was the one. I fell in love with him after a short time and he did too. We would spent times together and we had good moments, never arguing. Then he went abroad for 3 months, we still had feelings for each other but at the end of his journey our communication got less and less. The devil didn’t want this beautiful union to prosper, I started to get the feeling of anxiety and fear which for sure is not from Our Lord, and out of no where I broke up with him because of fear before he returned. We didn’t have communication for a couple of months after that but I still had strong feelings for him and all I ever wanted was him to reach out to me. I finally reached out to him to see how he is and see if we can try again, he’s seing someone new. I know God that you put us together for a reason, the love we had was so beautifull, all I’m asking is if you can give us another chance, God please do the possible so he can reconsider to be together again, I know how much I love him and want to spent the rest of my life with him, I know I’ve made misstake that I never wanted to make but you’re The God of second chances. I pray to you God to bring us back together, I have faith and I beleive that you will make this happen in the name of Jesus.
Thank you my Lord

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