A safe place to live

by Jim Shutter ()

Dear God I ask forgiveness in jesus name for any sins that i may not know about knowing you can not heary prayers if there is sin present i ask that your will not my will be done in all circumstances in my life and that i am able to reconize the directions you wish me to go in every situation my prayer request is for a safe home and permentant place to live for brenda ariel and myself lord i do not have long left here on this esrth and i want to know my brenda and daughter ariel will be safe and secure i am praying to be able to keep the house home thst we are living in now to be able to buy it from our landlord laurene or at least change her heart to letting us stay one more year so we can find another place and get our money situation in order ti be able to buy this house we have rented for over 20 years from her it has become our home we have raised our children here it is a safe and secure location its not a great house but its our home you know of brendas depression anixity and agoriphibia and how hard mentallt and phyically it would be for her to move and you know of my daughter Ariels mental and physical and emotional problems and my health concerns and age we would really like to stay in this location and home dear lord jesus wheather we own it or not to be able to pass it on to my grandson altair and my son and daughter jett and ariel but i also want your eill please give me the insight to see what your will is for us in this matter we prefer to stay put but if your will is to move so be it. So please change the heart and mind of our landlord laurene into letting us stay and show me the way to keeping here or give me the courage wisdom and ability to know its you GOD moving us on and the abilty to reconize the doors you are opening and to have the courage and ability to walk through I do love you lord and belive in jesus death and resurection and pray this prayer on the promises and faith I have in you you have rescued me many times dear lord father jesus i humbley come to you again for help and clearity and direction i ask this mostly for brenda whom you have blessed me with in my life lord and for Ariel and the future of my small family please put a hedge of protection and loving secure safe arms around us and direct us and please help me see a way to show you are real to my grandson Altair Shutter and bring my son back closer to you then he has been lately i love you dear. Lord jesus thank you for your gift of heaven in Jesus Name Amen

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