A safe decision is needed

by Theresa ()

First I would like to Thank the Almighty God for all of my other prayers that I have posted here that have indeed been answered!! I am so very thankful for this!!
I am asking again for your love and divine guidance. I have an issue. My son and his girlfriend are pregnant. They are both 18. They were kind of living here until about a month ago-just before she found out she was pregnant… I kicked her out because she yelled at me, I had found out she slept with his best friend during a past break up…. long horrible story. I called her some horrible names and kicked her out. We have since made up. Now she sleeps here and eats here showers here then leaves when he works and stays at her moms house. She says the plan is to stay at her moms once the baby is here. Her mom is a total loser. She broke plans with her for thanksgiving to spend time with “her man” she is a total ghetto mama. Her apartment is in a very run down area with a trash filled yard. The area has a very high crime rate and the mom smokes cigarettes inside. She never wanted anything to do with her before but now that she is getting food stamps and assistance mom wants her around and living with her. My son has expressed that he doesn’t want his child growing up in this area. We live in a beautiful quiet neighborhood in a beautiful home. Beautiful yard and have told them they could live with us. She says her mom doesn’t want her living with us. I gave my son the advice to discuss with his girlfriend where to live and if they can’t decide which house they should get their own apartment. But I suggested that they live in one area because voicing back and forth isn’t stable for a child. A child needs stability. My son agrees.
I am praying that his girlfriend please sees that they need to make some kind of decision where they will BOTH feel comfortable about or they will both have animosity towards eachother and also she needs to wake up and realize what her mom is all about. Please God let them find a safe and stable home to raise their child. Wherever it may be. Let them both feel comfortable about it. Please God. Amen

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