A Righteous before the Provider

by Lourenzo (Cape Town)

Jehovahjireh, I beseech your great name in the name of Jesus Christ, our lord and savior. You are my only provider, although my finance shall not permit me to buy food for the dinner; neither shall delicious food be on the table for my hunger. The interviews would fail just after I thought that my unemployment it is over, and the sadness shall become like deep water; the courage to continue to believe shall be cut off from the dream I desire. Yet I will say to my soul, “seek the lord, for He will create in you an unquenchable faith to carry on and deliver you from your sorrow.” For He will provide in the midst of my trouble. He will teach my soul a new song, a song that was never sung throughout my mouth before; even if all things are falling apart, He will grant me his provisions as long as I seek his kingdom and his righteousness though everything seems so hard. The lord God will add unto me according to his will in his time, and to that day in his holy ground where I stand firm there will be added to me what my lord will provide; as I seek Him in righteousness on his holy mountain it shall be seen to every eye, that He really can provide, and whatever He has for me it shall be multiplied before my eye. For I choose to seek the treasures of an everlasting kingdom and the righteousness of the Most High.