A request for prayers for my exams

by Mike (Karachi)

Dear Lord, I thank You that I can come to You anytime to ask for Your help.

You know I have my final semester exams coming up very soon- in two weeks.

You also know how difficult it has been for me working full time and attending evening classes daily. You also know how it was a challeneg for me to manage work, studies, and home responsibilities. You also know how difficult it was for me to find work in order to sustain, and most importantly You know how difficult it was for me to study at this age of 50.

Lord, I hold this request high up in prayer and ask You to please help me find the time to study for my final semester. It has been a great challenge but You have been there all along.Thank You.

I pray that You enlighten me and help me find time to study. Lord help me to grasp concepts and help me with my memory so that I am able to retain my subject matter while answering my exams. Lord I already know that You are working in me How I praise and thank You for this Amen.