A Request for Mom

(Houma, LA)

Heavenly Father

I come to you in the midnight hour asking you to have mercy on my Mother
Father God I know it is you and only you who can perform miracles
Lord I ask you to heal my mother
Lord remove the cancer, please Lord do not allow the cancer to spread throughout her body and protect all of her internal organs
Let everything function as normal
Lord cover her from the top of her head to the soles of feet
Please remove the fluid and able her to breathe without the use of an oxygen mask, sustain her breathing
Lord I know you are a good God and I Thank you for all that you have done and will do
Father God you said you have not, because you ask not and God I’m standing on your word
I ask that you bless her doctors and guide them in the right direction
Father God strengthen my Mother and do not allow her to lose Faith in your good works
Lord help those who cannot help themselves
I ask these things in your darling son Jesus name