A Prayer to Sell our Home

by Denise ()

Dear St Joseph –

I am a person with deep spiritual beliefs yet I do not practice religion by going to church and saying prayers. I try to live my life as a good person – loving, honest and helpful to others where I can be.

I have been praying to you the last couple days to help us sell our home. We have raised our two children here and it is now time for us to move on. We want someone that will love this home as we have to live here. I want you to help us find the right people. It is a great place, great schools, great neighbors, and very safe to raise a family.

I want to be able to take some of the money we make on our home and put it towards the restoration of the chesapeake bay. Not only will my husband and I contribute money but also our time as we move on to the next chapter of our lives.

I pray to you to help us make this move soon. We are ready to go.