A Prayer to Save My Marriage

by Dave P. (Johnson City NY)

Heavenly Father, please help me I have made a mess of my marriage by not being the loving and caring man that I set out to be and that my wife expected me to be. I made many mistakes that drove my beautiful wife away. Lord I believe that she still loves me but is afraid that I will never be able to sustain the changes that I have made in my life.

Lord I pray to you for your forgiveness for my actions and I ask for your help. Lord please call out to my wife and let her know that it is ok to forgive even if she is unable to forget, and that it is ok to be scared. She is still my wife, and I love her more now than on the day we married 18 years ago, all I ask and pray for is a chance to to prove to her that I have changed and that I will forever be the man I am today never again to be the person I was that drove her away from me.

Lord I thank you for your love, comfort and patience you have shown me through this difficult time, I love you and I praise your name. Amen.

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  1. please don't pray for this

    I wrote this prayer 6 months ago give or take, since then I found out that my wife was dating a married man and because of this she had done great damage to my children and the other guys children.the lies and deception showed me that she needs the help and prayers to find as new path.I no longer want to be married to her, and I have found someone that I am very happy with.thank you.

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