A Prayer to Restore My Marraige

by Brian A (Greenbelt, MD)

Dear, Father-

THANK YOU for all that you have done for me and my family. THANK YOU for all of your favors, seen and unseen…

I pray that you give my wife, Sheneen, comfort and solace at the loss of the sanctity of our marriage. I have sinned and committed adultery, numerous times and now, my wife has decided to leave our home. Please keep her safe and keep her away from all hurt, harm and danger.

Please help heal her heart. I’ve hurt the love of my life and I’m sorry I committed this sin. I’m sorry I hurt her. I pray that she finds the ability to trust me again and that I demonstrate REASONS for her to give us One More Try.

I pray that you also guide me in the way of the righteous to be a better husband to HER; I want our marriage back, Father and pray, one day, it can be restored. I pray for strength to perform cheerfully in what ever endeavor my wife feels is necessary for me to be worthy of her again.
Please stop her pain and let her know that the man I was prior to the discovery of the affair, is NOT the same man I am today.

I pray for comfort to my stepdaughter, to my daughter and to my Mother-in-law; I have hurt them all and hope that one day we will be where we were prior to my transgressions.

I pray that the woman I fornicated with, finds peace as well. I also pray that we never cross paths again and that you give me the strength to STAY AWAY from her-I want my wife.

Though my actions have not demonstrated it, I LOVE Sheneen, actually, I’m in love with her, and cannot see the rest of my life be a fulfilling one without her in it.

I miss her smile, her laughter, her words, her touch and just being in the same place with her; I need my wife back and pray that it is your will that our marriage is restored. If that is granted, the only tears I want to bring to her eyes will be ones of joy-not pain.

And Father, IF it is your will that she needs to leave us forever apart, I pray she finds happiness and the ability to trust again. And to smile again.

In your name I pray…

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