a prayer to relieve me of Financial despair and hardship

by Marlon (Jamaica)

Father, i come you tonight to thank you first of all for your continued blessings given to me and my family, you are always there for me in my many times of need, however, time father i am in need of your divine assistance, in regards to the situation i find myself in and to be honest father, i am afraid.

i have made some mistakes in my life but none compare to this. Almighty God i am now torn apart for the fact that a mistake made could place me so far up in debt that it is almost impossible to believe, impossible for even me to believe, Father if was not for the love that i have for my family, i probably would have gone and done something wrong a long time ago.

Father it seems as if everyday a piece of me diminishes and i can’t get it back, so worried frustrated confused angry hungry fed up weak and destroyed it now feels as if hope as completely left my side to allow me to wallow in my disgrace, i am trying and i have tried to salvage what hope i thought i had left but right now its seems useless, Almighty God i cannot feed my family, i cannot clothes my family i cannot pay my bills because i am so far up in debt it would need a miracle to get me out.
Every night i lie awake taunted haunted by the harsh reality of where i am, i try sleeping but i can’t i just can’t.

i have seek help in many places which turned up nothing and so desperate i borrowed a friend of mines phone just to started browsing the net to get any assistance worth getting, still nothing, father what am i suppose to do now, i have prayed for help on numerous occasion but no fruits had been bore to date.

Father of all creation the beginning and the end my salvation my source my provider, my shield my protector i urgently require your help, i am not sure how further i can tgo and how much and what else is there for me to do, i have reached my limit and i’m about to go over, father God please renew my strength and my faith because right now i am faithless without a cause, my father if only you could redirect my life or touch the life of someone who can lend a helping hand to me to please help

Please almighty God what else is there to do, sometimes i feel like i have been cursed but yet still some part of me knows that YOU have the Keys to unlock all things, through your word after all it was by your word that the universe was created from and by your words that it will end, FATHER i look to you right now for my answers and no one else.

i will continue to pray to you until something happens, don’ know when, but i’m sure it will, its just a matter of time, love you lord now and forever more Amen!

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