A Prayer to release my lease, due to an extremely difficult time

Dear St. Joseph,

Please help me in finding someone to take over my lease. I am currently a college student and am transferring back to a school near home next semester. I went through a serious period that left me for nearly dead, I am looking to transition into my new life with peace and content.

The two girls I was going to live with in a house with rent starting in May- are the ones who have to find the replacement. Sadly, I have no control. If nobody signs over my lease before May, I will have to pay over $500 a month till someone signs. I am sick thinking about having to pay for a property I will not live in. Especially near a place that destroyed me.

They know of my situation, and what a financial burden it would be on my family and I. Lately, I have become so close with a power greater than myself and I believe everything has happened for a reason to put me on this path today. I never ask for things quickly, but however, I am struggling with this patience.

Please, St. Joseph, I ask you to aid them in finding someone to take over my lease and to lift off a huge burden. I pray for you to aid me in letting go of anxiety and worry, so that I can move on with the next chapter of my life. There must be a reason that I am still alive today, so I ask for your support.


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