A prayer to pass the Teachers Board Examination

by Mylin (Barili,Cebu City)

Lord God,I adore you ,I love you for you are the king of all kings.Lord God I beg sorry for everything that I had done,for all the trespasses, the lapses and the sins that I had committed.Lord God I thank you for everthing that you had bestowed upon us,

Thank you for being always there beside us ,helping and guiding us in order to get through all the sufferings that we had been through.Lord God,I’m very much thankful for all the blessings that we had received.I can say that I’m really blessed not just me but all of us are blessed by your power. Lord God I’m so grateful of what I have right now. and I believe that it’s your own will and plans.

Lord God,I know that you had seen all my sufferings as I continue facing the different quest of my journey.Thank you so much for letting me exceed those hindrances.Lord God ,I humbly asked your guidance and enlightenment through your Holy spirit that by this coming September 29, 2013,the exact date for us to take the Teachers Board Examination.

Help us to become successful and be ablr to pass the examination.Lord please grant us this great opportunity to pass the examination..Send us your Holy Spirit to Enligthen our minds, hearts and souls in order to focus during the examination..

Lord God,Eventhough I’m a little bit pressured now I will do my best to do my part in taking the exam,lord please never ever leave me,Lord please help me.Whatever will happen I will leave it all to you Lord Jesus Christ..and live for it according to your will..

Lord God may you will bless me, my friends and to all those who will take the exams.Send us your Holy spirit.This I asked and humbly pray by your power and holy spirit forever and ever.Amen….
Saint Joseph of Cupertino..Please pray for us…and Guide us to pass the Teachers Board Examination…Please..