A prayer to pass the exam

by Godly ()

I am living in Canada. I am born into a Christian family and living in that faith until now. Ever since I was a child it was my dream to be a pilot, and my parents never opposed that dream. They were always supportive to me in all ways, even when they don’t have enough money to pay for groceries, they pay my fees for the flying institute. I’m on my first stage to be a pilot but I have this written exam which I have to pass to get into the next step. But no matter how hard I try I end up failing the test. I have asked God why am I not getting which I dreamt the most, but haven’t received an answer. I tried with hope again and 3 times I failed the test. Everyone in my family including my parents said that being a pilot is not meant for me and that is why I am not getting it or maybe God doesn’t want you to choose that profession. But I still believe that God wont let my dreams go by as passing clouds.
Today I am going to write my exam for the 4th time. I am really nervous but I am really hoping in my prayers that I will pass, and God will do a miracle in my life.
I kindly request you to pray for me to pass this exam.

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