A Prayer to overcome difficult times

by Bridgette (South Africa)

Lord thank you for giving me Another day in my LCD. I have done so many wrong things I humble myself before thee, please answer my prayers. I’m going through a rough patch of loosing my job and I’m faced with charges. I know Lord you teach us to do good in our lives, save me from this sorrow and give me a purpose to live and abide by your holy words of wisdom. Give me strength dear Jesus to face this sorrow, repent from my sins and to serve you always. I’ve caused my family so much pain and my kids forgive me dear Lord guide me along the path of righteousness to serve you. You are Alpha and Omega we worship you my Lord. In Jesus name I know my prayers are in your hands Lord, I trust in you that you will cleanse me from my sins, and you are my God who listens to helpless cases we face on Earth and I need your blessings. I’m always thankful for the thongs you do for me. Come to my aid Lord I need you in my life. amen

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